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  1. Interior meeting style map great for game master meetings or guild houses.

  2. Residence blossom sorrounded map good for house system, apartments, guild house or other uses. Includes interior.

  3. Here you have a vending zone inspired in the Prontera Alpha pre-release version. It supports around 200~300 vending spots.

  4. This map is inspired in hello kitty everywhere. The walls, the bed, the figures, all is about hello kitty everywhere!

  5. This area is supposed to be used for staff meetings or as a GM place. Inspired in Kingdom Hearts game.

  6. Here you have an extension of the Alexandria Town I offer. This pack contains 2 maps; one field and one market with the alexandria style

  7. Beautiful classical winter palace with areas like: dancing floor, piano, bar area, and more.

  8. A gold rich place with treasures, coins and valuable things everywhere, with a very nice way to distribute a heavy amount of merchants equaly.

  9. Expansion of Rivendel Renovation, includes a panoramic interior as a council area suitable for game master or guild leaders meetings and two fields to which connect to the main town

  10. VIP house is an all in one interior for guilds or premium accounts: bed, relaxing area, training, arcade games, wardrobe, living room... you got all here.

  11. Living room designed for meetings or npc open area includes second level.

  12. Edition of the current Living Room map; requested for a cute bluish lunar style. Luxury main area with glass monuments and one elevator that reachs a 2nd level area for your players.

  13. Another style of the living room map. Heroic Room is a luxury gold place great for welcome users, quest areas or gold room. 2nd floor is available for more space and more uses you might add.

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